The interview: leaving a good impression

Audrey-Ann Charron is an account manager at Synergie Hunt.

Member of the communications department.

The recruiter closes the door, offers me a seat and sits in front of me, my interview begins… But do you really think that the evaluation has not started yet?

Phone interview.
Before suggesting to meet in person, the recruiter wants to do a pre selection phone interview.

I understand that when looking for a job, missing a call from a potential employer is not an option. However, if you are busy, it is better to be honest and postpone the interview to a more convenient time. If you are stuck in traffic or in the metro, you will not be focused enough on the conversation and your answers might be different from the ones you would have given if you were in another setting. Never forget that a recruiter analyses your answers, notices moments of hesitation and makes mental notes of the moments when you didn’t give clear answers to his or her questions.

Make sure that you are in a calm environment suitable for an interaction. This shows that you are professional and take this conversation seriously. By doing this simple thing you show a greater interest for the position, it would not feel the same if you gave quick and abrupt answers to the interviewer’s questions while standing in an aisle of a grocery store. You would be surprised by the things we hear on the other end of the line.

Your arrival.
Did you know that the receptionist position is an essential part of any company?

Besides welcoming visitors, our colleagues at the reception are in fact the first “physical” contact with candidates who will later be interviewed. Arriving late without giving an explanation or being rude will influence how you are perceived in a negative way. Some people might not know it, but among co-workers we always share information about the candidates, starting from their arrival to their departure!

For example, if you mention being very punctual but then show up late without giving a reason, we will remember it! And if you describe yourself as someone who loves human contact with great interpersonal skills, but you were rude to the receptionist, well this will make us question your credibility.

In conclusion, be yourself so that the recruiter can see the real you and don’t forget that the first impression you make often comes before the handshake with the recruiter!

Make a good impression during the interview process, starting with the first contact.

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