We have been partnering with organizations in their search for talent for over 50 years. We are committed to building and developing long-term, fulfilling relationships with our clients and candidates.

We have mastered the selection of top talent, how to evaluate their true skills, and validate how they will blend with your corporate culture. Using an evaluation grid, we can identify the candidate’s suitability for your role.

SYNERGIE HUNT INTERNATIONAL, is serious about recruitment. We will introduce you to the outstanding talent that will realize your success.

Sourcing the most qualified candidates with the knowledge, skills and personality fitting to your corporate culture.

Our experienced recruitment team offers you:

  • A team of accomplished specialists who offer unparalleled experience in capturing the right fit
  • Professional and personal service
  • Connections that extend beyond traditional methods
  • Comprehensive and meticulous recruitment process
  • Quick turn-around time in assigning reliable, competent and fully functional resources
  • Superior after placement service

Only when we introduce the right candidate to a role do we consider our job done right.

We are proud of our fifty plus years of supporting your development.

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