Susie Léveillé is Assistant-Manager, Recruitment and Training at Synergie Hunt

Member of the communications commitee

Because of the current global pandemic there are days when we just want to give up on everything! It is hard to remain positive when COVID-19 has disrupted our personal and professional lives. Some people are now working from home and others were laid off. At the start of the lockdown you had to adapt to your new professional status and wait out the storm. But after weeks of having your life put on hold, you started thinking about your professional future and you decided that it was time to make changes and face new challenges. While you were reflecting on your situation and your future, you realized that you did not enjoy certain aspects of your job: you did not get along with a co-worker and probably would never do; your manager did not realize that you were overwhelmed and overloaded at work; you had trouble meeting unrealistic deadlines; you were tired of being  stuck in traffic jams…  So, you log on to your computer and start looking through the job postings on the different job boards, all the while contemplating how unhappy you are with your current situation. You are thinking to yourself that a new job would solve everything or… winning the lottery is always an option…

STOP! Your difficult situation at work is leading to negative thoughts. You are not in the right mindset to search for new employment and there are dangers to impulsively accepting any job that comes your way! To find a position that meets your expectations you must transform your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Starting the process of searching for employment based on what you dislike about your current job will not have the desired outcome. You will not be in the right state of mind when choosing jobs and it will negatively affect the way you approach the interview. Changing jobs impulsively is the biggest risk you face, especially since the job market has drastically changed. The COVID-19 crisis has led to an economic recession, this in turn has generated a higher than normal number of candidates looking for work. We are not in a situation of full employment anymore and the competition on the job market is fierce! You need to stand out not only with your experience but also your attitude. You must be the candidate for the job!

Positivity attracts positivity!

You want to change jobs to avoid everything you dislike about your current one. Instead of focusing on that, why not look for a position that will allow you to evolve professionally. When looking for a job, it is recommended to visualize the position you desire and search for something that utilizes your strengths and experience. Instead of focusing on the negative parts of your current job, why not think about the positive elements a new job could bring you. What tasks and projects will put your expertise and passion to use? What type of manager would be a great mentor for you? In what context would you enjoy working in a team even if you are working remotely? Many companies are adopting this new way of working. If you must work in an office, what is the optimal distance between your employer and your home that will allow you to reach a better balance between your personal and professional lives? Etc…

During an interview the frustration or uncertainty of a candidate associated with their professional situation could often lead to a behaviour that reflects this dissatisfaction. The candidate would make negative comments about their current job and even their employer. Which could be negatively perceived by the recruiter. You must avoid giving the impression that you want to change jobs only because you want to save yourself from the current situation that brings you unhappiness.  If you act like this, there is a risk that this situation will repeat itself and you will be unhappy in the new job as well. You must get rid of negative thoughts.

Think of the position you are applying to or are interviewing for as your dream job that will allow you to evolve and succeed professionally instead of just finding a way out of your current situation. Highlight your experience, strengths, positive personality and desire to succeed. The interviewer will show more interest if you are bringing positivity to the interview. You will be more productive during the meeting and maybe this in turn will lead to your dream job. So, make the right choice and use your positivity!


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