As we say in our slogan TRULY HUMAN RESOURCES, we attach great importance to the human factor. It is no wonder that for more than 50 years, employers, candidates and consultants have displayed loyalty to us.

We safeguard the legal and social protection of employers, candidates and employees. No applicant will be presented for an interview without our careful assessment (interview, evaluations and verifications). For everyone’s benefit, we also offer selected training contributing to increased professionalism and pride of employees.

We are and active member of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS), offering advantages such as access to CPC professional development certification (certified personnel consultant). We are proud to say many of our managers and team members hold this certification, ensuring an unparallel level of professionalism.

Being an Acsess member allows us to add our voice to a national movement that sees the best recruitment interests .

– Ginette Rupp, Assistant General Manager of Synergie Hunt and Acsess Board Member.