Founded in 1967, Synergie HUNT International has been affiliated with Synergie Group since 2003. Our ISO-certified, stock exchange-listed group serves its employers through 600 agencies all over Canada and Europe by assigning over 45,000 employees in all sectors of the economy. There is a Synergie HUNT International branch or franchise at your service in most major Canadian cities. All our offices are managed by local employers who know their market intimately and who are involved in development or their respective communities.


Our level of professionalism and our personalized approach have been catalysts to our phenomenal growth – 500% over the past 10 years. Our aim is to double the size of our group, thereby assigning even more candidates for your benefit.


Hunt’s membership and full participation in ACSESS (our national trade association) is your assurance of high quality, reliable service and compliance with all federal and provincial labour legislation.

We are there for you 24/7!

We are one of the rare companies in Canada who distinguishes itself with a true, live 24/7 service. Whatever your needs may be, you can reach us anytime between 5:00 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. and weekends at 1-877-788-2131 (medical) and at 1-855-989-8207 for all other sectors.

Truly human resources in the following 6 fields of expertise:

Administrative, Banking, Cafeteria, Industrial, Medical and Transportation.

Permanent staff

In their recruitment process, our Staffing Consultants will take into account your organization’s long-term vision, your work environment and your particular needs. Our stellar reputation and lengthy track record give us a unique recruiting edge and allow us to present top-notch candidates whose profiles are a precise match for what you seek.

Temporary staff

Your time is valuable. Our Consultants’ quick turn-around time in assigning reliable, competent and fully functional resources allows employers to maintain its pace and productivity during employee absences or peak periods.


Make your organization’s mission your focus and leave the rest to us – from project management to HR challenges – while still maintaining control over these!

Other services for employers:
  • Payrolling
  • Skills upgrades
  • Training
  • Employee evaluation
  • Reference, credit and criminal record checks.

The services outlined above may vary from one Hunt office to the next. We have a wide range of services to recommend, all of which will help you achieve your staffing objectives and save money in the process. Call your Staffing Specialist at your nearest Hunt office today and give us your next mandate.