It all starts with our own staff:

At Synergie Hunt International, we believe that only a comprehensive training program can generate an outstanding service to both employers and candidates. Our training goes beyond skills acquisition – we encourage employee growth and accountability.

Our ongoing training, delivered in a controlled environment, is therefore structured so that our internal staff applies these values to all sectors of expertise. It is fulfilling to see these efforts rewarded with our clients’ and candidates’ expression of satisfaction.


Our temporary staff deserves all our attention!

Our temporary employees are our ambassadors at our client sites. As such, it is crucial that they deliver an outstanding service. We provide training to our resources in each of the following sectors:

  • MS Office.
Banking Sector:
  • Junior Customer Service Agents, Level N2 Teller (Desjardins), upgrade training for N3 to N7 level advisors and management coaching.
Cafeteria Sector:
  • Safe food handling and WHMIS.
Industrial Sector:
  • Forklift operations, safe cargo handling, accident prevention and WHMIS.
Medical Sector:
  • CPR, cardiac intervention at all levels, PDSB (Principles for the Safe Movement of Beneficiaries), defibrillation and allergy management.
Transportation Sector:
  • Forklift operations, transportation of dangerous goods, Act Respecting Owners, Operators and Drivers of Heavy Vehicles, defensive driving and WHMIS.

All training programs and their contents are upgraded and updated regularly, and are delivered by our experienced trainers, or by outside specialists.

Stay informed of our new training and job openings in our next posts.

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