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Are you ready for change?

Your company is undergoing major organizational changes. As an employee, how can you prepare yourself for a change?
Communicate effectively

Your employer is aiming to improve productivity, innovate, or to reposition itself through internal restructuring? Change can be very stressful for employees! Whether it’s a complete restructuring or a minor change, such as positions being shifted, redefined, or assigned to new teams, you might be apprehensive of this new environment and the loss of your hard-earned skills. The first essential step is to ask questions about the organization’s new projects and direction, and how they will affect you. In order to communicate effectively at this point, you must obtain this information as soon as possible. Whether a change affect you minimally or in a major way, it is your manager’s duty to let you know what changes are coming, for example, by holding a one-on-one meeting with you.


Stay engaged!

In an environment of company restructuring, it is common for employees to “disengage” from the whole process. Of course, the changes must make sense, and have a specific goal and a clearly outlined strategy. However, if you are confused about your new role, or if you reject the changes, refuse to “be on board” or display a lack of commitment, your position within this new structure, and your future with the company, will be in jeopardy. To minimize your risk, you must be well informed about how your working life will be affected by the whys and wherefores of these changes, and be ready to embrace this new work environment.

Knowledge and a positive outlook will be your strongest allies to prepare you for change!

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