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Global Recruiter – Synergie – Retains Powerhouse Status

Daniel Augereau, Chairman
Daniel Augereau, Chairman

Upward Trend Continues While New Acquisitions Are Underway


PARIS: The Board of Directors of SYNERGIE, under the chairmanship of Mr. Daniel Augereau, met this month and confirmed first-half sales higher than expected, at almost $1.3B Canadian, continuing the Company’s upward trend. With a network of 600 branches and a strong international presence in 15 countries, Mr. Augereau has confirmed that SYNERGIE’s amazing start in 2015 continues to build and the Company continues to outperform all of its markets. The goal of 50,000 employees on assignment with clients (full time equivalents) set a record of 56,000 in July alone.

SYNERGIE continues to innovate in fast-growing sectors, with hyper-specialization in aerospace (synergie.AERO) with clients including Airbus, as well as shipbuilding and renewable energy. Open Centres, the high-tech industry (particularly in Spain) and Global Cross-Sourcing (international skills transfer among the 15 countries that make up Synergie Group) provide the Company with new opportunities every day. Major investments in France, particularly in business technology, significantly improved margins in that country. As well, Belgium and Italy improved substantially.

SYNERGIE continues to consider new acquisitions in both France and abroad where negotiations are underway in Britain and Germany. The company counts Airbus, Bayer and Nike among its clients.

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