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Etobicoke, Ontario Staffing Agency

Your Hunt Personnel employment team brings unrivalled local and industry expertise. It begins with understanding your organization's distinct requirements, your corporate culture and business goals. We collaborate with you by recognizing the value of talented, skilled and committed employees.

Etobicoke Temporary Employees:

As an extension to your internal team, we confidently source and assign skilled and focused staff to your temporary work needs. Our employees demonstrate initiative, insight and commitment. We handle payroll and benefits, providing our temporary employees to you as an invoiced service.

Etobicoke Permanent Employees:

We attract and refer viable candidates in a variety of business disciplines and role levels. We verify references, evaluate skills, review career paths and truly form relationships with the individuals we refer to you. Our extensive connections in the Ontario business community and with past job seekers, provides a dynamic referral base of qualified candidates working in Etobicoke.


Etobicoke Office

50 Burnhamthorpe Road W
Suite 204

Mississauga, ON  L5B 3C2

Tel: (416) 232-0200
Fax: (905) 273 6487